Penn Elcom 12U Wall Rack Double Section 600mm/23.62 Inch Deep Glass Door DW-6612BK  £221.57

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RMDW6612 - Double Section Wall Mounted Rack Enclosure

Strong welded frame rack enclosure with front and rear doors, side panels, front and rear rack rail and mounting brackets

Available sizes: 6U, 12U and 18U.
Material: 2mm/0.079 Inch Steel.
Colour: black power coat
Width: 600mm/23.62 Inch
Depth: 600mm/23.62 Inch
Height: 12U
Weight: 31kg/68Lb

Double section wall mounted rack enclosure with a static loading capacity of 60kg/132Lb.
Easy operation and convenient access to both the front and rear of rack cabinet.
Hinged back double section welded frame construction
Adjustable depth front rack rails with maximum depth of 19.75in
18 gauge removable side panels with spring latch
18 gauge cold rolled steel top and bottom
Fan ready perforated top
11 gauge drilled and tapped front and rear rack rails
Rack U numbers printed on the rack rail
Rear door is removable for easy installation
Cabling can enter by the top and bottom panels.

Supplied with:
2 x L mounting bracket for wall box
10 x M6 Pan head screws and cage nuts.
Front glass door with vented border, spring lock and blue ornament strip
Steel rear door and lock
Side panels with fast open bolt
Top and bottom with cable entrance cover

The two section structure allows the main body to turn 120 degrees.
Turning angle of the front door is 180 degrees.


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