Penn Elcom 16U 19 Inch Flat Pack Rack Cabinet 480mm/18.9" Deep R8400-16  £180.49

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16U 19 Inch Rack Cabinet 480mm/18.9" Flat Pack R8400-16

This rack mount enclosure is available in sizes from 6U to 35U in height. The rack enclosure has front and rear rack rail, and a rackable depth of 480mm/18.9".

Rack mounting screws are available for this rack and can be seen in the related items for this product. Optional plexy-glass or vented doors can be purchased for this rack enclosure as well as Castors and Handles

Front and Rear mount 19" rack rails. Choose between either M6 Square hole rack rail or 10/32 Tapped Imperial Rack rail. Can also be used with R0856 (406mm/ 15.98" Version) Rack Shelf Supports.

Brand: Penn Fabrication
Colour: BLACK
Depth: 480mm/18.9"
Height: 766mm/30.16"
Material: Steel
Product options: M6 Square Hole Rail
Units (rack): 16U
Weight: 21kg / 46.3 lbs
Width: 522mm/20.55"

Product Video - R8400 Flat Pack Rack Cabinet Info

Product Video - R8400 Rack Assembly Guide

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