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The Penn Elcom 2018 Highlight Reel


Penn Elcom’s 2018 year was full of great events and achievements so picking the top 4 from them all was a difficult task! Read on as we remember some of our favourite highlights from last year.



CROSS3 is a great solution for cable management but our designers knew we could do better and worked hard on improving it. We were proud to develop and release the state-of-the-art CROSS5 cable cross-over system which gives customers the most customisability ever.

It’s the only system to offer the most optimal ramp angle, meaning it won’t slip or move out of place during drive-overs - even when handling the very heaviest of road vehicles. Cables are completely protected and since it’s a 5-channel modular system, users can arrange them in an unlimited amount of patterns to suit.



A suite of Penn Elcom racking being available for users on this popular platform had been often requested so we listened and made it happen. This modern and versatile piece of software allows install technicians to choose and place virtual racks exactly as they would be before buying them. Builders can select products like our R4000 and R5000 series and once they are happy, send a purchase order directly from the application. No longer do users only have the option to choose products from our competitors!


New German Warehouse

One of the biggest undertakings for Penn Elcom was successfully delivered in 2018 - our state of the art warehouse in north Westfalen. Conveniently situated to act as a delivery hub for EU, the increase in space has dramatically expanded the volume of shippable items and moves over 1700 product lines. The move has also upgraded our shipping processes where previously we needed three separate depots and can now store everything in one streamlined location as well as bestowing new automated machines to greatly speed up picking.


Salvagnini #2 Goes to China

Chairman Roger Willems loved buying the top of the range machine to fold and punch metal so much that he did it twice! After the installation of our Salvagnini in Hastings, UK he oversaw the delivery of a new P2Lean model for Penn’s Guangdong factory. This new kit is one of Salvagnini’s most versatile and comes with a fully automated operation and can also change its toolset to cope with a huge amount of different tasks.