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Spotlight on our cities around the world: Hastings

Spotlight on our cities around the world: Hastings


Rich with medieval history and famous for being the site of the Battle of 1066, Hastings, UK is this month’s spotlight!

As a large town with a population of 90,000 nestled on the sunny southeast coast of England, Hastings has bundles of charm and historical significance to discover. Rebuilt several times since Iron Age forts were established on its twin hills, Hastings has seen much conflict ranging from the Roman Empire, warring tribal kings and of course the start of the Norman Conquest.

Now in modern times, Hastings lays claim to Europe's largest beach-launched fishing fleet and a fascinating network of tunnels and caves built to smuggle contraband from docked sailing ships as well as a castle ruins and fully operational pier.

We asked local and production manager Riad Mehio:


What do you love about your city that makes it unique?

George Street is the hub of the Hastings Old Town and I can only describe it as Bohemian: historical shops, restaurants and pubs that cater for all tastes.

Can you give us a picture that shows off its charm?

Here's a shot of the Old Town complete with fisherman's huts and the East Hill funicular from on top of the West Hill, one of Hastings' most iconic views:


Tell us one food dish a visitor must try before they leave.

Locally caught Fish & Chips (Hastings has been a fishing port for hundreds of years, and local fishermen still bring in fish every morning to sell in local fish market and Fish and Chip shops. Amongst the most popular fish served are battered cod, haddock, plaice and skate.

Tell us about your favourite secret location (like a hidden gem)

Fatima’s kitchen, George Street. She serves Moroccan home cooking (Street Food). Inside it has been transformed to little Morocco with various handmade artisan leather articles.

Thanks Riad! (and a special mention to James Hatton too)