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Transporting the Copa America Trophy


Penn Elcom’s flight case components are relied upon by many to securely store and transport precious contents of all descriptions and this month’s showcase is a glittering example!

The 103-year old South American football championship Copa América was played out to a thrilling finale this year where the fiercely-contested trophy was finally held aloft by host nation Brazil. 

Trusted by overseeing body CONMEBOL to craft that coveted trophy’s flight case is Chilean manufacturer and long time Penn customer Cases Nacional. 

We got in touch to learn more about the relationship between CN and Penn Elcom.


Q: How did Cases Nacional come about?

“I started back in 2013 when my father in law in I had a small audiovisual company that handled wedding parties. We used to carry our equipment in their original cardboard boxes which was unprofessional. I realized there was no one assembling professional flight cases locally so I decided to investigate where I could get parts to assemble my own. That’s how I met Penn Elcom. Their extensive catalogue of latches, extrusions, corners, castors and racks is enough to blow up your imagination and make any project that you could ever imagine!! They always have an extensive stock that helps us offer many different solutions for our customers’ projects.

Our first project was a 19” rack to mount audio equipment and I was really proud of it, so I posted some photos on Facebook with the description: “We can make your custom Flight Case”. That post changed my life - since then, orders and quotations started to come and now in 2019, I haven’t stopped making flight cases. I now work with really important customers like clinical laboratories, mining, governments, big audiovisual companies as well as loyal customers who have been constantly making orders for years. I found a way to make a living doing something that I am in love with, I handle my own time, I grew as a person and professional, I just improved myself.”

Q: Why did you choose Penn Elcom products?

“Penn Elcom has been an important partner in the company’s growth. We really appreciate the unique accessories like corner castors or extendable handles because they are “exclusive” and not that common. These types of products impress our customers because they provide solutions for their requirements rather than just simply protect and carry their equipment.” 

Q: And now you’re building cases for football trophies!

“Not that long ago, one of my greatest customers is a company that makes all the trophies for CONMEBOL: Copa América, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana etc. The CONMEBOL office in Uruguay congratulated me for solving the transport problem they had long ago carrying the cups from Chile to several countries in America as they arrived dented or practically broken at the destination. With our flight case solution, they arrive perfectly.”