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Product Spotlight - Comus LSZH High Grade Speaker Cable

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This month’s product spotlight is on the Comus LSZH high grade speaker two core cable.

This installation cable, product code CASC152, is a low smoke, zero halogen cable, and is suitable for power, control, loudspeaker and 100 volt line applications. The CASC152 has a conductor resistance of 13.3 ohm/Km.

The cable has a total diameter of 6.2mm and has a black outer jacket that is strong, flexible, abrasion resistant, and rated to 500v. Inside the jacket, there are two internal connectors that are colour coded blue and brown for easy installation, and within the two connectors there is a total of 30 x 0.25mm oxygen free copper strands, bringing the total size to 1.5mm.

The CASC152 is manufactured in Germany, and its superior assembly and high quality materials means that it meets various health and safety standards, such as the IEC 61034 (smoke emission standard), the IEC 60754-2(halogen emission standard) and the IEC 60332-1(flame emission standard). This makes the CASC152 a suitable and safe choice for public building installations as well as any large private installations.

This high quality installation cable is part of the Comus speaker cable range, which has a total of six different cables ranging from two core to eight core, all priced per metre and made to the same high standard with the same quality finish.

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To see more, view our Comus speaker cable range video here: