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Product Launch: FT01Q-DTC-F Fan Tray


We’re launching a new 19-inch rack device that’s sure to be a hit for US-based A/V integrator customers this month. Our already great range of rack cooling devices just received a brand new and very high-tech fan extractor unit.  

Perfect for home or studio racks, this digitally controllable model is one of the quietest devices yet launched, measuring at just a whisper-like 22.5dBA. This is thanks to three specially-chosen fans which are designed to deliver truly excellent performance. 

Far from a typical fan, their Fluid Dynamic Bearings allow for a frictionless rotation so not only do they last much longer than ball bearings, they also run with a minimum of sound. A front LED panel displays the ambient temperature in Fahrenheit and can be set to manage user-defined temperature levels automatically. 

Continuous monitoring means the FT01Q-DTC-F offers ‘set-and-forget’ functionality, activating when required to keep the rack cool and saving on costs. This model also offers a built in link input that allows connectivity for a second unit and a thermostatic monitor in the box.

The sleek steel body will look fantastic in any rack as well, with our matt-black powder coating providing an attractive finish. The fire-red LED readout ensures visibility in any level of light, whether dim or bright. By installing this unit at the top of an enclosure, a ‘chimney’ style directional airflow can be achieved to draw and expel hot air up from the base, keeping overall temperatures under control. 


Take a look at the model here.