Osram LF05A2-R3 LINEARlight Flex 500 x Red 83.0W 24V 4052899924086  £243.81

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Product benefits

Very long for seamless bands of light
Large selection of light colours
Great design freedom thanks to flexibility and cuttability of module
Simple mounting and connection
Toolless connection with the optional CONNECTsystem
Easy mounting on many smooth surfaces thanks to self-adhesive tape at the back

Product features

Flexible and cuttable LED strip

Areas of application

Decorative applications
Orientation lighting

Equipment / Accessories

Simplified connection with optional matching CONNECTsystem
Quick installation with optional SLIM TRACK System
Perfectly matched to OPTOTRONIC 24 V Electronic Control Gears

* For conditions and detailed information, visit www.osram.com/system-guarantee.

EAN: 4052899924086
Nominal voltage: 24 V
Nominal current: 3.45 A
Type of current: DC
Power consumption: 83 W
Nominal wattage per meter: 8.3 W
Beam angle: 120 Deg
Type of current: DC
Input voltage range AC: 23-25 V
Colour appearance: Red
Nominal dominant wavelength: 625 nm
Luminous flux per meter: 110 lm
Luminous flux: 1100 lm
Number of LEDs per module: 500
Number of LEDs per meter: 50
Lenght: 10000.0 mm
Smallest cutting point: 100 mm
Width: 8.0 mm
Height: 2.4 mm
Product Weight: 125.0 g
Temperature range in operation: -20 +75 C
Temperature range at storage: -20 +85
Lifespan (l70/B50): 50000 h
Dimmable: Yes
Warranty: 5 Years*
Manufacturers Website: www.osram.com/osram_com/products/led-technology/light-engines-and-modules/flexible-led-modules/flexible-led-modules-for-professional-and-industrial-applications/linearlight-flex-advanced/


Brochure - Light is freedom of design 2014Download
Product DatasheetDownload
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