LED lighting solution for private residence


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An installation of Osram LED LinearLight Colormix IP67, powered by Osram LED drivers and controlled using Osram DMX dimmers. Overall solution provides 5 year warranty and 50000h (L70).

Used together with the Comus LEDAL19 flat bar for good heat dissipation and stable performance.

Project Brief:

The pool area was designed by architect Juliet Colman from Towcester, Northamptonshire. It has involved the complete refurbishment of an existing building the construction for which was undertaken by RC Spencer building contractors.

The requirement was for a robust and reliable LED product for the roof with a homogenised and smooth output that could deal with humidity. The drivers and associated power supplies had to be located in two control positions approximately 10 metres from the pool and fed by a single DMX signal.


The attractively priced Colormix Flex produces strong bright colours and is water vapour protected. It is fitted on top of Penn Elcom’s Comus aluminium flat bar for stability and optimised heat management.

The Colormix Flex is ensconced in a series of recessed ceiling coves around the stylish clean-looking space which features some impressive large glass windows in the centre of the roof.

The LED emits a radiant glow and a rich quality of light throughout the room which can change colour and produce vibrant and mood enhancing effects, as well as being combined with submersible white side emitting fibre optic tape, fitted in the side wall of the pool itself. Apart from looking very cool, the lighting brings an additional dimension to the environment.

The Colormix Flex is controlled via a Rako keypad positioned by the main door to the pool room and pre-programmed with a series of pre-set looks and scenes. Parameters like colour and sequence can also be accessed and tweaked via iPad and iPhone … and everyone involved is delighted with the results.

This was specified by CLD’s Nigel Howes and Razvan Vasiliu in close conjunction with Keith McCormack of KM Specialist Electrical Services from Banbury, Oxfordshire, who delivered all the electrical installation elements including lighting control design, specification and installation of the project.

Contractor – K M Special Electrical Services:

Keith returned to CLD (now Penn Elcom Online) to help source the right product to fulfil the architect’s brief on the lighting having worked with them on a previous project in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, also a private residence.

“Nigel, Razvan and the team at Penn Elcom Online were once again extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the quest to find a well-priced high quality solution” comments Keith, adding, “The technical back-up and support has been excellent, and in a market where many similar products can do the job, it’s the people, the effort and the attention to detail that are so important … as well as the quality and appropriateness of the product”.

Supplier – Penn Elcom Ltd:

Nigel Howes stated, “We are all very proud of how this looks, and it’s a great example of teamwork and collaboration to ensure both the client’s and the designer / architect’s visions were fulfilled”.

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