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LED Retrofit Vintage and Pendant luminaires

New – for more than 100 years

Since 1906, the OSRAM brand has continuously offered cutting-edge lighting solutions – offered in the best quality and designed to meet users’ needs. Inspired by the style used in the year the brand came to life, the Vintage Edition 1906 is now available: Aesthetic lighting solutions with reduced, linear industry design and outfitted with the latest lighting technology. Working in tandem, the lamp and PenduLum Pro, create a valuable luminaire.

A classic – in style, use and price
High-tech products with a retro look have never been so popular! The VintageEdition 1906
can light all kinds of spaces, like showrooms, hospitality areasprivate homes. It is the ideal way to meet today’s lifestyle needs and
sorts of real benefits:

  • Four classic lamp forms – Globe, Edison, Oval and Tubular
  • Atmospheric discreet light
  • With proven halogen or the latest LED technology
  • Up to 80 % energy-cost savings produced by LED technology
  • Flexible light-source positioning thanks to PenduLum Pro design

Vintage Edition 1906 PenduLum Pro: “Light where you need it”
The Vintage Edition 1906 is not just eye-catching and efficient. It is alsopractical. Thanks to its extra-long textile cable and a broad range of hangingoptions, the PenduLum Pro can shine light exactly where you need it.

  • An anodized aluminum base that comes in black or gold
  • Reduced industry design and authentic materials
  • Extra-long cable and a leash for flexible hanging that employs the pull cord principle