Penn Elcom Large MOL® Recessed Butterfly Latch Offset L944/527MOL  £9.14

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Large MOL® Recessed Butterfly Latch in Deep 27mm / 1 1/16 Offset Dish. 19mm / 3/4 From Split to Hole Centre.

Securely close your case with a Penn Elcom MOL® automatic positioning latch mounted in a large recessed dish. For use on large-sized cases. The PennBrite zinc plating offers an excellent protection against corrosion with a distinctive bright Penn Elcom finish. The fixing holes are 19mm / 3/4 away from the central split of the dish making it perfect for tongue and groove edge extrusions. A 27mm / 1 1/16 offset on each half of the dish accommodates the corresponding edge extrusions and provides a flush and clean looking installation.
Around the globe, the MOL® name is synonymous with high quality and dependability. Invented in 1995, the MOL® range of flight case latches revolutionised the industry and redefined standards in flight case locking. With its patented leaf-spring automatic opening system and its latch retainer that keeps the latch below the level of the dish while in the opened position, the MOL® range has yet to be surpassed in terms of advancement, durability, or prominence.

Product Features:
 - With Patented MOL® Automatic Positioning Latch System
 - Dish Width: 127mm / 5
 - Dish Height: 174mm / 6 7/8
 - Dish Depth: 16mm / 5/8
 - Offset: 27mm / 1 1/16
 - Lockable: No
 - Finish: PennBrite
 - Material: 1.2mm / 18 gauge Steel
 - Weight: 0.44kg / 0.97lb
 - Maximum Working Load Capacity: 140kg / 308lb

Installation Information:
 - Panel Cut-Out Size:
   - Cut-Out Width: 96mm / 3 3/4
   - Cut-Out Height: 96mm + 49mm / 3 3/4 + 1 15/16
 - From Split to Hole Centre: 19mm / 3/4
 - Mounting Holes: 14 x 5.2mm / 3/16
 - Rivets Required for Installation: 14
 - Suits L0526 Backplate

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