Osram Led 3m Slim Cover Opal Matt Fx-qms-g1-cfdb-300 4052899446991  £14.24

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Osram LogoSLIM Profile System – Flex accessories
FX-QMS-G1-CFDB-300 Slim Cover Opal Matt

With the OSRAM SLIM TRACK System you can extend the possibilities of your LINEARLight FLEX LED installation and take light almost anywhere, even into confined spaces. SLIM TRACK can be combined with lenses of different beam angles, and it can be used with covers to ensure homogenous light distribution. Quick and easy to install, it is durable and corrosion-resistant and will give a fine finish to your professional lighting designs.

Product family benefits

Minimum installation dimensions thanks to compact design
Aluminum profile robust and corrosion-resistant thanks to anodization
Quick and easy installation

Product family features

Ideal even for lighting in confined spaces
Can be easily combined with covers for homogeneous light distribution
Can be combined with lenses of different beam angles
Compatible with Linearlight Flex


Architectural Integration
Cove lighting
Shelves, Closets, Showcases, Cabinets Lighting
Handrail and Stairs

This is just the diffuser. For track or other accessories (end caps, brackets) see related products at the bottom of the page

EAN: 4052899446991
Length: 3000 mm
Width: 12 mm
Material: Polycarbonate
Light transmission: 60 %
Height: 4 mm
Type of install: Push in (clip in)
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