Osram Led Driver Ot 75/220-240/24e 24v Ip64 4008321362476  £29.45

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CV Power supplies 24 V

Product benefits

Very high efficiency and reliability
Versatile scope of application due to output power range of up to 240 W
Constant luminous flux for very low and high temperatures due to Smart Power Supply

Areas of application

Suitable for indoor and outdoor SELV installations
Suitable for use in tight, flat luminaires or installation in
suspended ceilings
Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires

EAN: 4008321362476
Output power: 75 W
Partial load: 0 - 75 W
Input voltage: 198 - 254 V
Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
Output voltage: 24 V
ECG efficiency: 89 %
Nominal voltage: 220 - 240 V
Nominal current: 0.38 A
Device power loss: max. 8.5 W
Power factor ?: 0.95
Inrush current: 41 A
Max. no. of ECGs on circuit breaker 10 A: 7
Max. no. of ECGs on circuit breaker 16 A: 11
Galvanic isolation primary/secondary: 3.75 kV
Surge capability (L/N-Ground): 3 kV
Lenght: 241 mm
Width: 43 mm
Height: 30 mm
Weight: 560 g
Cable cross-section, input side: 0.83 sqmm
Cable cross-section, output side: 2.1 sqmm
Wire prepartion lenght, input side: 10 mm
Casing material: Metal
Ambient temperature range: -20 + 60 C
Temperature range at storage: -40 +85 C
Maximum temperature at tc test point: +85 C
Max. housing temperature in case of fault: +110 C
ECG lifetime: 50000 h
Dimmable: No
Suitable for fixtures with prot. class: I
Overheating protection: Automatic reversible
Overload protection: Automatic reversible
Short-circuit protection: Automatic reversible
No-load proof: Yes
Type of protection: IP 64
Approval marks: CE/ENEC 18/VDE-EMC/GOST/C-Tick
Manufacturers Website: www.osram.com/osram_com/products/ electronics/indoor-ecg-for-led-modules-and-dimmers/constant-voltage-non-dimmable/cv-power-supplies-24-v


Declaration of ConformityDownload
Product DatasheetDownload
Technical SupportDownload
VDE CertificateDownload
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