Neutrik NanoCON Male Chassis Horizontal PCB Mount NP3M-H  £8.90

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{\rtf1\ansi{\fonttbl{\f0 MS Sans Serif;}{\f1 Arial,sans-serif;}}{\colortbl;\red102\green102\blue102;\red51\green51\blue51;}\uc0\pard\fs24 3 pole male chassis connector, horizontal PCB mount\par The nanoCON is the smallest lockable 3 pole connector in the world. It offers a robust metal housing, a metal locking device, gold plated contacts and excellent cable retention.\par \par\fs21\f1\cf1 Features & Benefits\fs24\cf0\par\f1\cf2 \cf0\par\f1\cf2 Worlds smallest circular lockable multipole connector\cf0\par\f1\cf2 Robust metal housing with gold plated contacts\cf0\par\f1\cf2 Reliable and versatile in applications like medical equipment, control systems, sensors or audio applications such as miniature and wireless microphones and portable mixers\cf0\par\f1\cf2 Pre-mating contact 1\cf0\par\sa300 \par\pard \par\fs20}
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NanoCon - Female cable connector solder contacts NSC3F 按照 Neutrik
Neutrik NanoCon - Female cable connector solder contacts NSC3F
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