Teucer Led 3Ch Rf Receiver for Rgb flex R3C  £24.80

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R3C 3 channels receiver for use with RF controllers and RGB LED strips

Use with LEDWP4RGBWN RF RGB 1-4 zones wall controller.
Use with LEDLRRGB RF RGB single zone remote controller.
Use with LEDLR4WN RF Single colour 1-4 zones remote controller.

For wiring instructions please see datasheets.

Product features

Use with RF controllers for wireless control and dimming.
DIP switch selection for 4 Zones or 4 Scenes.
Master-slave configuration possible when several receivers are used.

Manufacturers Code: R3C
Type: Constant Voltage
Control method: RF
Input Voltage: 12/24 Vdc
Output Voltage: 12/24 Vdc
Output Current: 3x 4A
Output Power: 3x (48/96W)
Dimmable: Yes
Output dimming pathern: PWM
Dimming range: 10-100 %
Current per circuit: 12 A
Fixture: Double side tape
Length: 97 mm
Width: 33 mm
Height: 18 mm
IP rating: 20
Warranty: 3 Yr

Led 4Ch Rf Receiver for Rgbw flex R4C 按照 TeucerLed RGBW 4zone RF Remote LR-4RGB/4RGBW 按照 Teucer
Teucer Led 4Ch Rf Receiver for Rgbw flex R4C
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Teucer Led RGBW 4zone RF Remote LR-4RGB/4RGBW
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