Teucer Led Lr-rgb Single Zone RGB Remote&Receiver Blister Pack LR-RGB  £44.04

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The Teucer RGB remote KIT allows you to control one zone with RGB flex.
The RGB version comes with a touch colour wheel for different colour options and various effects, as well as dimming to a low 10% capacity.

One receiver (R3c) is provided together with the remote to offer a complete and reliable solution.
When expanding your lighting, always try and use a signal repeater (LEDPRRGBN), where possible.
If your installation requires several RF receivers, ensure the �master� receiver is positioned in the middle.
Please note that one battery CR2032s (included) powers the remote.

Manufacturers code (remote): LR-RGB/RGBW
Manufacturers code (receiver): R3C
Input voltage (receiver): 12/24 V
Output voltage (receiver): 12/24 V
Battery type (remote): CR2032
Output wattage: max. 144/288 W
Number of output channels: 3
Output current per channel: max 4 A
IP rating (remote): 20
IP rating (receiver): 20
Dimmable (receiver): Yes
Dimming range: 10-100 %
Dimming output pathern (receiver): PWM
Number of controllable zones: 1
Number of circuits: 1 circuit
Current per circuit: 12 A
Fixture (receiver): Double side tape
Length (receiver): 97 mm
Width (receiver): 33 mm
Height (receiver): 18 mm
Max RF range: 30 m
Recommended RF range: 10 m
Warranty: 3 Years
Radio Frequency: 2.4 GHz
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