Teucer Led Lr-rgbw Single Zone RGBW Remote&Receiver Blister Pack LR-RGBW  £38.46

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The Teucer RGBW remote KIT allows you to control one zone with RGBW flex.

The RGBW version comes with a touch colour wheel for different colour options and various effects, as well as dimming to a low 10% capacity.


One receiver (R4c) is provided together with the remote to offer a complete and reliable solution.

When expanding your lighting, always try and use a signal repeater (LEDPRRGBN), where possible.

If your installation requires several RF receivers, ensure the master receiver is positioned in the middle.

Please note that one battery CR2032s (included) powers the remote.


Manufacturers code (remote): LR-RGB/RGBW

Manufacturers code (receiver): R4C

Input voltage (receiver): 12/24 V

Output voltage (receiver): 12/24 V

Battery type (remote): CR2032

Output wattage: max. 240/480 W

Number of output channels: 4

Output current per channel: max 5 A

IP rating (remote): 20

IP rating (receiver): 20

Dimmable (receiver): Yes

Dimming range: 10-100 %

Dimming output pathern (receiver): PWM

Number of controllable zones: 1

Number of circuits: 1 circuit

Current per circuit: 20 A

Fixture (receiver): Double side tape

Length (receiver): 175 mm

Width (receiver): 45 mm

Height (receiver): 27 mm

Max RF range: 30 m

Recommended RF range: 10 m

Warranty: 3 Years

Radio Frequency: 2.4 GHz