Teucer Led Single Zone RGB/W DMX Wall Panel Controller WP-DMX  £89.23

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1 zone DMX controller with DMX decoders for RGB and RGBW LED strip

Product Description

This wall panel enables the user to control RGB and RGBW strips on 1 zone. The user can pre-set colours, speeds, dimming and scroll through a selection of play modes with this versatile controller. It is compatible with both DIM-DMX1CH and DIM-DMX1CH(N) decoders. Requires an external 12/24V power supply.

Product Features

Adjust colour temperatures and brightness
Touch sensitive glass
5%-100% smooth dimming
Backlit buttons for night time use
Designed to fit into your existing switch back box
We recommend using a DMX amplifier (DIM-DMXAMP) when exceeding 55m of DMX cabling.
Save lighting functions and preferences with scene save

Manufacturers code: WP-DMX
Type: Wall panel
Input Voltage: 12-24 Vdc
Output Voltage: 12-24 Vdc
Operation Frequency: DMX signal output
Weight: 86 mm
Length: 86 mm
Height:29 mm


Technical Datasheet 1   Download

Technical Datasheet 2   Download
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