Teucer Led Single Zone Tunable White Remote and Receiver LR-TW  £44.02

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Single Zone Controller - LR-TW

The single zone Tunable white controller enables control of the tunable
white LED Strip lighting. This remote allows the user to access 3 pre-set
lighting levels from the touch of a button and adjust the lighting levels
with smooth dimming (5%-100%) via the touch sensitive wheel.

The receiver is provided together with the remote to offer a complete and reliable solution. Please note that 2 x AAA batteries power the remote.

Product features

5%-100% Smooth Dimming
Touch sensitive remote & colour Wheel
20 Automatic Play modes to choose from
Remote and receiver supplied together as standard
Last settings memory function when powered On
Dimming & colour changing
Wireless RF range of 10 - 20 meters (Dependent on signal obstacles within the installation area)

Manufacturers code: LR-TW
Input voltage (receiver): 12/24 V
Output voltage (receiver): 12/24 V
Output wattage (at 24V): max 2 x 144W
Number of output channels: 2
Output current per channel: max 6 A
IP rating: 20
Dimmable: Yes
Dimming range: 5-100 %
Dimming output pathern: PWM
Number of controllable zones: 1
Dimensions remote (L x W x H): 110 x 52 x 20 mm
RF range: 10-20 m
Warranty: 2 Years
Radio Frequency: 2.4 GHz


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