Teucer Led TW 1zone RF Remote and Receiver LR-TWN+R3C  £39.71

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LR-TWN and R3C (blister pack) 1 zone RF controller and receiver (LEDR3C) for Tunable White (also called Dynamic White) LED strips

Product Description:

The LR-TWN remote enables control of a single zone of tun able white LED strips.
Featuring a touch colour temperature wheel.
The remote enables the user to adjust the colour temperature from warm white to cool white and daylight seamlessly.

Products Features:

Seamlessly adjust the CCT of LED strips via the remote 2.4GHz wireless technology, enabling remote distance of up to 30m (obstacle free).
Operates with an LED indicator light for ease of use. Each remote can control one or more receivers.
Control each zone separately or simultaneously PWM dimming enables flicker-less dimming.
Dimming range 0-100% Scene save/recall function.
For installation recommendations please see spec sheet.

Manufacturers Code (remote): LR-TWN
Manufacturers Code (receiver): R3C
Remote Type: RF
Receiver Type: RF
Input Voltage (remote): 3 Vdc
Input Voltage (receiver): 12-24 Vdc
Operation Frequency (remote): 2.4GHz
Length (remote): 107 mm
Length (receiver): 97 mm
Width (remote): 58.5 mm
Width (receiver): 33 mm
Height (remote): 9 mm
Height (receiver): 18 mm
Power (remote): battery CR2032
Output current (receiver): 3x 4 A
Output Power (receiver): 3x (48/96 W)
IP rating (remote): 20
IP rating (receiver): 20
Dimmable (receiver): Yes
Output dimming pathern (receiver): PWM
Dimming range (receiver): 0-100 %
Current per circuit: 12 A
Fixture (receiver): double side tape
Warranty (remote and receiver): 3 Yrs
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